Post Tumblr World!

5 12 2018

Hello world,

If you found me from Tumblr, welcome. Not sure my long-term plan, but at least for now, I have resurrected this blog until I can figure out a Plan-B.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @TheRowdyMike

HotFighters – Fight Porn!

5 12 2018

tumblr_pj1z35t7na1s0smtyo1_500via HotFighters – Fight Porn!

Derek Poundstone

21 04 2009

Derek Poundstone, originally uploaded by jammach_uk.

Don’t get to see a lot of him shirtless – so this is a great shot!

College Rugger

20 04 2009

TTU_IMG_9628, originally uploaded by sportshooter2008.

I think he’s from Texas Tech but can’t be sure.

Volkan Demirel

19 04 2009

Volkan Demirel , originally uploaded by Exit 88.

Lance Franklin

18 04 2009

Imposing, originally uploaded by Pete O.

G’day mate. You’re a tall (6’5″, 196cm) drink of water!

Denis Cyplenkov

17 04 2009

Denis Cyplenkov, originally uploaded by musclnhair.

We haven’t had strongman beefcake in a while…. so here you go.