Dutch semi-pro rugger

16 04 2009

KJS-090405-0045, originally uploaded by KevinScott.Org.

Jersey Swap

13 04 2009

If you haven’t seen the Super 14 Ruggers swap jerseys yet, go take a look.  WOOF!


Hat tip, Kenneth in the (212).

Welsh Rugby Guys

8 04 2009

Welsh Rugby Guys, originally uploaded by samborouk2000.

UBC Rugby vs. Cal

5 04 2009

UBC Rugby vs. Cal, originally uploaded by .Keegan..


Sorry today’s post is a little late. I had a bit too much fun last night and it’s been a slow booting up process.

Darren Crompton

29 03 2009

Darren Crompton, originally uploaded by Paddy-K.

As if this big 255-pound (18 stone) rugger isn’t scary enough, he’s a Judo blackbelt as well.

Meathead Rugger

26 03 2009

2574522, originally uploaded by exclusivetop.

Wow… Anyone care to ID this bloke?

Back row Barbarian

24 03 2009

IMG_0377, originally uploaded by bootsnskin96.

He’s too pretty to be a forward…