Derek Poundstone

21 04 2009

Derek Poundstone, originally uploaded by jammach_uk.

Don’t get to see a lot of him shirtless – so this is a great shot!



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24 04 2009

Derek is perfect huge hunk of muscle!
I got lotsa pics of him 😉

25 04 2009

I Friend-ed him on Facebook and he accepted my Friends request. His Facebook page was like soft porn to me, so I actually had to delete him from my Friends list. Dude makes me salivate.

9 05 2009

he is damn ugly. what is wrong with you people. the man looks stupid.

7 10 2009
Colleen Poundstone

What else can I say & still not be a rude as your remark. We all have the right to our opinions. You just have to be rude alot of us feel he is an attractive young person. hope you have a nice day even if your rude

23 05 2009

so stupid lookin is bad, oh, you go for the smart lookin guys, that always turns out to be true to looks.

3 06 2009

nerds rule fool.

15 11 2009

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20 12 2009

Love this website! Really good photos!

30 12 2009

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18 02 2010

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22 02 2010

He can pound my stones any day.

23 02 2010

would you like to exchange links?

Id love to..let me know.

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