UoP Water Polo

3 04 2009

hotguy1653, originally uploaded by timothymgol.

My swim coach once described water polo as “rugby in the water.”

Kenrick Monk

3 05 2008

Australia Kenrick Monk, originally uploaded by gceatlanta.

Those are some big guns for a swimmer! For reference, he’s 6’4″, so those are some long Aussie arms!

First Anniversary: #5 Michael Phelps

11 04 2008

michael phelps, originally uploaded by adaminfortlauderdale.

Lieutenant Andrew James Baldwin, M.D., USN

24 03 2008
Andy Baldwin, originally uploaded by KennethJL.

Navy lieutenant, assigned as Medical Officer for Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One in Hawaii, bachelor of the tenth season of the reality dating show The Bachelor, humanitarian, triathelete, and some chick.

Editor’s Note: I didn’t mean to steal Mitch’s thunder on Andy – he’d posted this for tomorrow but as I released the photo of Lt. Baldwin from Jake’s blog, I thought I would release this now. – JL

Lenny Krayzelburg

8 02 2008
Lenny Krayzelburg, originally uploaded by veryus.

USC Water Polo

19 01 2008

It really is like rugby in the pool…

Unknown Swimmer

3 11 2007

NIKE Speedo, originally uploaded by Georgia Dog.

Not my usual type of guy, but he fit in nicely on the edge of my spectrum. 🙂