Jersey Swap

13 04 2009

If you haven’t seen the Super 14 Ruggers swap jerseys yet, go take a look.  WOOF!


Hat tip, Kenneth in the (212).

We’ve made it, kids

27 03 2009

I totally missed this on our hiatus.  But last summer, HJOTD was featured on New York Times blog The Moment.  Wow.

SPorno: Rooney & Ronaldo

27 03 2009

Thanks to Dwight, I found this link to some SPorno.  Not all of it is just blokes, but it is amusing nonetheless.

Place your bets

9 06 2008

Gents, we are now mainstream.  Paddy Power is taking bets on the Bingham Cup gay rugby tournament.  Fog, Steelers, and Convicts are favoured to win, which surprises no one.

Hat tip, Towleroad, via Outsports.

New Addition to the Blogroll

4 06 2008

I stumbled across the Muscle Jocks blog today and I’d say it’s a handsome addition to the blogroll here at HJOTD.  I especially like this photo of a trio of hot football jocks all sweaty.

Check it out.

Picture This

31 12 2007

I was introduced to a feature on Outsports by The Big Bad Blog today, and I gotta say, wow.  The feature is Picture This, and they just published a Best of 2007.  These photos are right up the HJOTD readership’s alley, so go over and enjoy.  Mitch will whine that they’re all too pretty, but that’s their demographic.  

Here’s a sample: 
And I just had to throw this one in from the “regular” feature that didn’t make the best-of cut cus it’s just well… mmmmmmmmmmmm

If you’re still looking for a calendar…

30 12 2007

Might I suggest the 2008 Garland SWAT Calendar.  I know it is off topic for HJOTD, but I am running with it because of the shot of the hot cop in boxing gloves.  Thanks to Goddess’ Hott Cops for the link. Other options include:

And of course, the venerable Deiux du Stade (link au Français, n’est-ce pas).