Welcome new HJOTD contributor

7 04 2009

Hey boys (and girls),

Please welcome our newest HJOTD contributor, RedButton360, who is going to be sharing posting duties with me.


And, we’re back

21 03 2009

Six Nations Rugby.  Baseball Spring Training.  Outsports King of the Hardwood.  I just couldn’t stay away any longer.  I may still have my crappy internet connection, but I have tons of Flickr favorites from the months we were on hiatus to share.

In celebration of our return, I’ll be posting hot jocks from each of the Six Nations’ rugby teams as the game starts today.  Look for France v. Italy about 1pm, England v. Scotland about 3pm, and the biggie, Ireland v. Wales about 5pm (all times GMT).

A HJOTD hiatus

18 08 2008

Hey everyone.

It is with sad news that I must announce that HJOTD is going on indefinite hiatus.  Unfortunately, none of the mods have the time to keep it going at the moment.  The pictures that are here will stay, but no more comments will be allowed.

Hopefully we will be able to bring you more hot jocks in the future, but right now obligations such as work and school are keeping us from posting daily.

Thanks for the great ride.

The Tower of Babel

13 05 2008

Today, I had to institute a new HJOTD comment rule – and it’s one that I feel pretty bad about.  We recently had a comment that was half in English and half in what I can only guess to be Indonesian.  I hate to be Anglo- or Amerocentric, but I’ve had to put down a rule that comments here need to be either in English or verifiable by one of the mods via Babelfish.

Principally this is so that we can verify that the comment conforms to the other comment rules, and isn’t intended to restrict participation on this blog to only English speakers.

Now back to your regularly scheduled HJOTD.


28 04 2008

To all our commenters, new and old.

Please remember that part of our rules requires using a valid email address. Using a fake email address will get all of your comments deleted and your “email address” blacklisted. Free valid email addresses can be acquired from any number of places online, so instead of risking every one of your comments, please just use a valid email address.

Thanks for your attention, and back to the jocks!

First Anniversary

10 04 2008

Hello everyone.  Tomorrow is our first anniversary here at HJOTD.  We started off with just 900 hits in the month of April, 2007.  In March, we had 123,000.  All told, we have had over 750,000 hits!  As a thank you, you’ll get new pics of the top 10 jocks (by clicks) featured here at HJOTD over the past year throughout the day tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am going to shamelessly ask you to plug HJOTD today on your own blog if you have one.  It would totally rock if we could have our biggest hit day of the year today.

500 Jocks!

10 03 2008

I totally missed our five hundredth post earlier this week.  YAY!

Thanks for tuning in.