Tomasz Wylenzek & Christian Gille

14 07 2008

Tomasz Wylenzek & Christian Gille, originally uploaded by bigmak1969.

These two Germans won Olympic gold in 2004 for canoe and hope to repeat in 2008.



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14 07 2008
Jock Lover

Ok, I’ll take both of them.

Mitch, thanks for keeping things going while I suffer through no-broadband hell.

14 07 2008
Rusty Shackleford


god bless gerMANy!

14 07 2008

I bet they have nice oars.

14 07 2008

Very Nice and by the looks of the armband it looks like the one on the right is a bottom

15 07 2008

God bless rowing… makes for the FINEST looking men with big broad backs to hang off of.

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