Trot Nixon

3 07 2008

fixing his jersey, originally uploaded by Boston Wolverine.

When he played for the Cleveland Indians in 2007, now plays for the New York Mets, 6’2, 210, 34, outfielder.

And, yes, we’ve posted him before on June 2, 2007.  If anyone can suggest other jocks we could put up, we are more than willing to accomodate. 🙂



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3 07 2008
Rusty Shackleford


As far as other jocks.. Brian Urlacher is never painful to lay eyes on..

Keep up the great work, guys:]

3 07 2008
Jock pup

Brian Urlacher is my future husband. I wouldn’t balk at any more of him either *g*.

(In fact i may have one….)

That being said, come back and visit tomorrow 🙂

3 07 2008
Rusty Shackleford

Wouldn’t miss it for the world..

4 07 2008

In honor of the Wimbledon finals this weekend, perhaps Rafael Nadal? Although the finalists aren’t decided yet as I write this, he’ll almost certainly be in it.

7 07 2008

Ryan Garko. He really does it for me. Can’t say exactly why – but he’s pretty nice.

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