FD 1111

2 07 2008

FD 1111, originally uploaded by bigmak1969.

Can anyone tell us who the team and/or players are?



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2 07 2008
Jock pup

I will take the big fella second from the left…


3 07 2008

and I’ll take two of the same. good heavens, there’s just something about those huge legs and that big ogre face and shaved head ………wonderful

10 07 2008

I think these four are Rugby League players from the Australian NRL comp – team looks to be the Penrith Panthers. They are definitely NOT soccer players, the two with their socks on do not have compulsory shin pads in and they are both nursing arm/shoulder injuries

16 07 2008

this team is of my city SUA from south west of france , eight time champion rugby french league , with many players from others lands , i think the picture is two years old from the players on the picture.
Link to site of the rugby club


17 07 2008

Make a search for the names of the players- quite right i think
From left to right on the picture ,
Manu Ahotaeiloa from Tonga come to S.U..Agen in 2004 (1,85 m ; 95 kg) , spring 2008 interchange with other player of Toulouse rugby team .
Cezar Popescu, from Romania, also player of natiolal romanian rugby team , (1m88 ; 108kgs.) always playing with to S.U.Agen
Rupeni Caucaunibuca, from (Fidji), also player of national Fidji rugby team XV and VII. (1,81 m pour 96 kg).come back home in spring 2008 , french competition seems now too hard for him ,now wants to playin fidji rugby XIII league
and last , Saïmoni Vaka, from Fidji ,always in the team of S.U .Agen.
– that all folks-

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