Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

2 06 2008

Pic 02519, originally uploaded by Colonel Killgore.

Not one of our usual sports here, but the RN has a competition where teams compete to move guns into position quickly, change wheels, and other drills. Needless to say, the guys tend to be strong and fast, which are qualities we appreciate here at HJOTD.

If you want to see more, check out the whole set.



9 responses

2 06 2008
Chris C

I’ll take the one on the right.

2 06 2008
Will F.

That leaves the curly-haired hunk on the left for me!

2 06 2008

Sup righty?

2 06 2008

I like left one’s body, but the right one’s face. Maybe if I gave the left one a haircut or tried ’em both out…

2 06 2008

I was just thinking the exact same thing, Mitch. Two great minds…

2 06 2008

I like the right one’s face and the right one’s body. Hey, it all works out;)

3 06 2008
Clint E

the guy on the right made my gun move

3 06 2008
Jock Lover

Nice one, Clint.

These guys seem to be some of the more popular ones I’ve posted lately.

4 06 2008

No competition. Right wins hands down.

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