Men’s Flag Football Champs

5 04 2008
Men’s Flag Football Champs, originally uploaded by bigmak1969.

Is flag football really a sport?  Dunno, but here’s a variety of shirtless boys that should appeal to enough people.



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5 04 2008

Is it bad that I’d like to have this entire group tackle me?

5 04 2008
Clint E

they can pull on my flag anytime they want, wow, a hot group

5 04 2008

Sometimes I like to imagine what an afterlife might look like if such things weren’t a complete fiction. This image pretty accurately captures my fantasy about what such a place should resemble. An endless game of naked full-tackle football with a group of your hottest buddies who just so happen to like ‘experimentation’ even more than you thought.

7 04 2008

Oh…. I saw a link to this pic on Outsports, and they indicated this is from John Carrol University… in my home town. I think I’ll head up there and check these men out in person 😉

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