Fire is Hot

11 03 2008

So, normally we have a fairly strict policy here on HJOTD as to what qualifies as a jock. We do this for a lot of reasons, but primarily because there are plenty of places where you can find good eye candy on the web, including lots of links in our sidebar.

However, I would have to qualify that climbing 69 stories wearing 45 pounds of equipment is quite the feat of jockishness. So I hereby declare these firefighters jocks.


They climbed the 69 stories of Seattle’s tallest building for the Washington-Alaska chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which is a good cause.

Thanks to Dwight for the link, via Joe Gage.



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12 03 2008
Jock pup


And i’ll take the one on the right, woof!

12 03 2008

Oh yeah… these guys are most definitely jocks. Thanks for posting these… I don’t think I’d mind being rescued by either of them. J.

12 03 2008

Definitely the one on the right…

13 03 2008

I’d wanna be the meat in that firemen sandwich!

13 03 2008

And thanks for the shout! 🙂

13 03 2008
Jock Lover

Glad to repay the favour buddy boy.

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