Tom Zbikowski and Robert Bell

25 02 2008
Tom Zbikowski and Robert Bell, originally uploaded by bigmak1969.

Tommy Z trading in his football spandex pants for boxing shorts.



3 responses

25 02 2008

I’m am absolutely head-over-heels in love with Tommy Z. He’s so VERSATILE!

I wonder what he’ll do next…

25 02 2008

I’m in love with him too. Physically, he’s just perfect.

29 02 2008

Totaly agree Tommy is a stud babe. I love this pic by the looks of it you would think Zibby would get squashed by the bigger Bell, but it was Zibby who squashed Bell in that fight. Bad News: Zibby told NFL scouts that he will not box anymore in order to stay healthy and concentrate at football. At least we will still get to see him in tight football pants.

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