Mike Vrabel

12 02 2008
vrabel, originally uploaded by normajean_2005.

Ok, they didn’t win. I fully expected him to be at my doorstep when I got home, crying, snot running down his face, needing a big hug and a cookie. That’s not a difficult fantasy, is it?



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6 02 2008

Definitely not difficult. In fact, it should even have a happy ending… In both senses of the phrase?

12 02 2008

Putting an arm around those big shoulder and saying “c’mere, big guy”? Not difficult at all.

12 02 2008

WOW. He is fine.

13 02 2008

NICE!!! I like the beefy guys — especially the football (USA) players. We need more of these!

14 02 2008
Jock Lover

Tim, I point you to the following categories: Footballers (Gridiron), Ruggers, and Strongmen. We have plenty of beef for you to enjoy here.

15 02 2008
John K.

Yep. One of the best Ohio State has produced. Too bad he’s in New England… but you can’t have everything 🙂

16 02 2008

Oh yeah… Mike Vrabel… was also hoping to console him after the Super Bowl. Would love to see a LOT more of him…

17 02 2008

Oh! That smile could melt a block of titanium! It sure melted me.

I don’t even care what the rest looks like. Wrap it up – I’ll take it.

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