Howie Long – vintage

20 01 2008
Howie Long locker room, originally uploaded by Jimbo3DC.

He is one hell of a sexy man, even now.



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21 01 2008

Wow! Howie’s been a hot daddy for a long time! Drool.

3 02 2008
Tiffany Kinsey

Man that man is sexy…………………………….

3 02 2008
Tiffany Kinsey

Man that man is still sexy….

4 02 2008

improved with age….yum

19 02 2008

WoW.. that is a hot sexy pic of a still hot sexy hunk of man!

20 04 2008

Wow! Howie is the only reason I get up on Sunday mornings. NFL Fox is religious like church.

4 05 2008

i know this man…waking up with him on a hunting trip…is brutal..
his body is so beat…he barely can get out of bed in the AM…he has paid a price…

17 06 2008

howie Long is the best looking man in the world. His smile lights up a room or tv screen.Bib, butch and beautiful. I want him so bad it hurts.

30 06 2008

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