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31 12 2007

I was introduced to a feature on Outsports by The Big Bad Blog today, and I gotta say, wow.  The feature is Picture This, and they just published a Best of 2007.  These photos are right up the HJOTD readership’s alley, so go over and enjoy.  Mitch will whine that they’re all too pretty, but that’s their demographic.  

Here’s a sample: 
And I just had to throw this one in from the “regular” feature that didn’t make the best-of cut cus it’s just well… mmmmmmmmmmmm



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31 12 2007

LOL We’re all entitled to our tastes. And I’ve usually found a few guys a month on their Picture This page that I’ve liked.

I’m just obviously in the minority is all.

31 12 2007
Jock Lover

Hey, couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a quick jab at you, buddy 😉

2 01 2008

Love those OSU wrestlers… thanks, guys 🙂

12 01 2008

#43, the look on his face makes me hot, nice photo

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