19 11 2007

Hello dear readers,

I had to take two actions today that I felt quite bad about, but I felt were necessary. The first was, I wrote the following email to one of our commenters:

Hello there,

I have unfortunately had to take the action of moderating several of your comments on HJOTD today. We work very hard on HJOTD to push the boundaries of what would get us marked “adult” by various filters to get right to the edge, but not over. Unfortunately, some of the language you used in your comments would push us over that edge. We welcome double entendres, pithy commentary, and other allusions. I cannot allow certain explicit references, however.

I hope this does not turn you off to commenting on HJOTD. Please, when you comment in the future, try to stay on the other side of the line.

Jock Lover

This created a HJOTD Rule: Push the boundaries, by all means, but being explicit will get your comments moderated.

When the email bounced, I was forced to create a second rule: If the address put in the comment box is not valid (and we find out about it), all of your comments will be erased and your fake email address blacklisted.

Hate to do it, but HJOTD is not a hard-core blog. There are plenty of those out there – including several linked in our sidebar.



4 responses

19 11 2007

While I don’t comment as much as I should, but I do know how annoying it gets to have to continually edit other people’s comments. So, a big thanks to you for your time and effort.

19 11 2007

Dudes! Awesome! Tough! Take me to the edge, baby! One thing in life we gotta have are rules, not to be made broken, but to remain civil. Hooah!!! for taking the stance! Army dude.

23 11 2007

Nice balance and a fair stance. Sorry you had to do it, but glad this is one of those sites that does.

23 11 2007
Jock Lover

Thanks for your support, guys.

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