Vassilis Spanoulis (#7)

16 11 2007

Greek basketball players, originally uploaded by billy_greek.

Greek basketball player.

As was stated about a week ago, the 3 mods tend to like ’em big and beefy (something we couldn’t break) and tall & lanky’s really not our forté. But, Vassillis is kinda hairy, sports a nice 5 o’clock shadow, and he’s working a unibrow. So, he got my attention.

So, please let us know of other basketball types you’d like to see on HJOTD! -Mitch



3 responses

16 11 2007

How ’bout Tony Parker — point guard for the San Antonio (Texas) Spurs? You like hairy, sexy guys, then he’s your man…..H-O-T! French player playing professional NBA Basketball here in the States for a few years now. Eva Longoria, American actress on T.V. (“Desperate Housewives”) thinks so….she’s married to him!

30 11 2007

Spanoulis is HOT HOT HOT! Wooohoo! Me and my friends (female and gay male) all agreed HOTTEST Rocket EVER along with Bob Sura!

12 01 2008

I think the jersey should say Hell Yes! Yummy

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