Unknown Volleyball Player at the AVP Atlanta Open

10 11 2007

AVP Atlanta Open, originally uploaded by Mollie Montana.



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12 11 2007
Rev. Hyperion

Props for fur. HJOTD needs more fur.

12 11 2007

Do you know how much Flickr trolling I had to do for that pic?! If it wasn’t scantily clad chicks then it was skinny guys.

I try to provide as much variety as I can, but I can’t always figure out what the cross section of people want to see. So, I go with variations on my own tastes.

Why can’t cute, hairy, beefy guys dressed in butt hugging speedos be playing volleyball?

13 12 2007

Hey, I’m glad you liked my pic 🙂

13 12 2007

We thank you for posting it so we can drool over them. 🙂

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