10 Reasons Why You Should Date a …

16 10 2007

Not that we here at HJOTD need a reason, but here are a few for you in case you need to make an excuse…

Rugby Player
1. We can do it 80 minutes straight in 15 different positions
2. We’re used to scoring big and taking pain
3. We love the grass
4. Getting sweaty and dirty is no problem
5. Skill and moves are definite
6. We’ll play anywhere and anytime
7. We play well with others
8. We’re always on the top of the game
9. We know when to take charge
10. We also know when to play rough

Hockey Player
1. They always wear protection
2. They have great hands
3. They are used to scoring
4. They have great stamina
5. They find the opening and get it in
6. They never miss the target
7. They know how to use their wood
8. They have long sticks
9.They know when to play rough
10. Because baseball players only know how to hit balls.

1. They like it wet.
2. They dive right in
3. They love going fast.
4. They are used to wearing next to nothing in front of a group of people.
5. Breastroke is a favorite to many.
6. Others like it on their back.
7. They are experts at putting on rubber and can do it fast.
8. They know how to push it and work under HARD conditions.
9. They are firm believers that practice will make you better and will at any time day or night.
10. Are use to doing things again and again till you can’t go on any longer!!

Lacrosse Player
1. they know how to handle ‘balls’
2. they have great ‘stick’ control
3. they always want to score
4. they wear goggles just in case they have to take a shot to the face.
5. they have no limits or boundaries as to where you can go.
6. they love to double team and sometimes triple
7. they’ll always give u a good work out.
8. they usually wear nothing under their skirts.
9. they keep it going for 60 minutes.
10. they do it in 12 different positions.

(American) Football Player:
1. they always go for who they want
2. they never lose their grip
3. they hit hard
4. they can always go the distance
5. after they score they go for more
6. they always wear protective gear
7. they go for a full 4 quarters, sometimes more
8. they never give up even when the score is against them
9. they can play offense or defense
10. they are all big

10.Knows how to ride.
9.Never stalls on bottom.
8.Can score from any position.
7. Knows how to work a 2 on 1.
6.Knows how to use his hips.
5.Goes hard from start to finish
3.Knows when to push and pull
2.Will eat anything.
1.Always wears his head gear….

Baseball Player
10. they’ve been around ALL the bases
9. they look cute in tight pants
8. they go so long, they need a 7th inning stretch
7. curve balls, fast balls….whatever you perfer
6. wont stop until they’re home
5. they’ve got a good grip, swing, and hit
4. getting a lil dirty is just fine
3. sometimes slidin’ into home is the only way to do it
2. you get 3 strikes until your out
1. they tend to go crazy in the dugout



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22 12 2007

Oh this is great, this is really great. haha.

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