Ben Hartstock

31 08 2007

2-70b, originally uploaded by pscrx.

If anybody knows where this fella comes from, please let me know!



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31 08 2007
Rev. Hyperion

I love the gloves tucked in his crotch. That’s where I want my hands to be. 😉

1 09 2007
John K.

It looks like he is holding an Ohio State helmet… but he’s no #88 on the Buckeyes (wrong color jersey anyway).

1 09 2007

John K. is now sailguyoh. 🙂

And this guy, whoever he is… is hot.

7 09 2007

Thats Ben Hartstock fomer Ohio St Buckeye TE. Ben is 6’4 240lbs of hottness.

28 01 2008

He’s so cute! I wish there was a rearview.

15 08 2008

That is Ben…..mmmmm. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio. Played for the Buckeyes and quit prof. ball to be an MD.

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