Mariusz Pudzianowski

29 07 2007

Mariusz Pudzianowski Intensity!, originally uploaded by Pete90291.

Mariusz is very hot, and he’s got an amazing body when he takes his shirt off, but there’s something about a sleeveless t-shirt on a big dude that makes my heart go pitter patter!



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29 07 2007

I need a hug;) Damn.

30 07 2007

I want a body like that!

30 07 2007
Jock pup

Well, it takes ALOT of work, and ALOT of energy to maintain. But it is possible.

31 07 2007
Jock Lover

… and unfortunately, steroids.

13 08 2007

Hi there everyone

Say Jock Lover

Are you sure Mariusz is on steroids?…

I really don’t know but would like to. I sure hope he issn’t. But I must admit that such immense strenght AND trimmed physique do seem kind of suspicious to me..

13 08 2007
Jock Lover

I’m pretty sure he tested positive for steroids and was forced to sit out a year of WSM or something like that.

15 08 2007

Yes.. a while ago I heard something like that to, so I reckon it must be true.

Still… he’s still so amazingly strong and ! has a great physique.

Before I knew Mariusz I thought this was virtually impossible. What I’m really curious about (although I don’t expect you to have all the answers) is wether him testing positive was a one-time sin or maybe his whole strenght/looks thing is mainly just based on steroids.

I have great respect for Mariusz but would be really dissapointed if it turns out he’s mainly relying on ‘the forbidden fruits’.

28 09 2007
Rev. Hyperion

Hate to break it to the guys on this discussion but almost everyone in strongman uses steroids. They have to in order to maintain that much strength and muscle. It’s just becoming one of the many ways that athletes stay ahead of the game.

22 01 2008

Actually, yes, he was forced to sit out one year of WSM becuase of steroid use. However, he has always been naturally strong, bench pressing 353 pounds at the age of 16.

13 03 2008

He was actually banned for 2 years for testing positive to cocaine.

13 03 2008

Is it bad that I don’t even care if that’s true or not? I still love him to death.

18 03 2008

Now he is dancing in “Taniec z gwiazdami” (Dancing withe the stars), and he is doing it very well :]. Photos and movies available at,980,1,jive_mariusza_i_magdy,1,wideo_detal.html

4 06 2008

people should know this
every competitor in world strongest man and also in mr olympia (body building )
and i agree with that , steroids have no side effects if u use them well

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