Georges St. Pierre

24 07 2007

Georges St. Pierre, originally uploaded by pup rocky.




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4 01 2008

Why do you shave your head?

4 01 2008

I have been shave my head for a long time now. It is not something I think about for image I guess you would say it is “my look”. Also I feel it helps me in the ring knowing there is nothing that could possible get in the way of my performance such like a guillotine choke where sometimes hair can create friction making it harder to escape. Having no hair just eliminates certain possibilities.


4 01 2008
Kim L

My girlfriends and I watched your fight this past Saturday (against Matt Hughes) and you are now the reason we love the UFC. Even our boyfriends were talking about how your body is a “perfect specimen.” 🙂

17 01 2008 » Blog Archive » Riddum Über Alles

[…] St. Pierre is a tall, broad-shouldered welterweight (this is beginning to read like the man’s Hot Jocks entry), and he’s generally agreed to be a big welterweight, though the amount of weight any […]

23 01 2008

I have been a HUGE UFC fan for probably two years now.. my exboyfriend and I watched it all the time and I work out at Champions in Bettendorf, Iowa, which is part of Pat Miletich fighting systems, which is just IFL, but… anyway you are absolutely THE hottest fighter in the rink.

22 06 2008

Georges is an amazing fighter. Also amazing… that body! LOL. He’s hot. Hey, Georges, I’m 25 & single. Come back to Colorado!

21 07 2008

so gwapo…Ü

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