Marine boxer

4 07 2007

Marine boxer, originally uploaded by RikinIllinois.

I have a lot of buddies who are Marines who would be very dissapointed with me if I did not post a Marine today. I tried convincing one of them that Marines go to the Naval Academy – and you can only imagine how that went. So here you go…



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6 07 2007
John K.

I think I need my own Marine.

6 07 2007
John K.

Actually, I think I need my own platoon of Marines.

23 10 2007

damn….can i lick those pits for a few hours…maybe even a few days!

23 12 2007

Sheeeooot! Look at that bicep. I can’t even imagine climbing into the ring with him… well, I could but I would be in a constant clinch!

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