Oye! Jocks Identified!

18 06 2007

Jock Pup has been a busy little dog tracking down some previously unidentified features, starting with today’s Carl-Johan Björk and BONUS: Carl-Johan Björk.

He also identified yesterday’s cowboy as Ross Coleman.

We learned that this hot shot of a wrestler and his coach is Trent Paulson and Cael Sanderson, himself a former Olympic wrestler. There’s another shot of Trent here, from behind, though so far nothing of his twin brother Travis, who wrestles one weight class down. I suppose you might be able to tell them apart now by the size of their pecs? We learned that this handsome Clemson football jock is Tribble Reese and this Northwestern senior is Ryan Lang

Lastly, I identified this hunk of beef as Tommy Rowlands a while ago, but never updated the post – it’s done now.



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