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8 06 2007

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12 10 2007

michael phelps i am the biggest fan i know that you hear that alot i am from mexico and i have 12 years old my name is alejandra and when i grow up i am going to the olympics y go swimming every day 4 hours a day i am prepring for nacionals good look with you live

6 11 2007

he’s a great athlete but he needs to see an orthodontist. a good one could do wonders for his endorsement and sports authority career.

4 12 2007

I know what I want for Christmas!

28 02 2008

Michael, if u ever read this, i just want you to know that, i am a 16 year old girl who lives all the way in zimbabwe (above south africa) and i think that you are really amazing and truly gifted. i hope this year will be an incedible year for you, and know ive got your back!!!

19 03 2008
Joe Damron

I think Michael is one of the greatest athelets of all time. I would like to see more pictures of him especially in small speedos. Maybe you have to go back a few years.
I also like tennis players.

6 07 2008

Michael Phelps is a great athelete. I know that it takes a lot to be able to swim that well. i would definatly like to get more pictures of him, but not exactly in small speedos. Those creep me out. I see those just about every Saturday at swim meets on the ugliest people (no offense to those people. I’m just saying, they don’t have the right to wear those).

7 07 2008
Jillian Perry

i love michael phelps sp much..and i watch him whenever i can …i love to watch him swim..its amazing!…i am on a swim team and i think im pretty good..i dream to be just likehim..he is truly the most wonderful athlete i have ever witnessed..i would love to see him swim live!..i love you michael..keep going and break every record!..i know you could do it!

15 07 2008

michael phelps really deserves more recognition than he gets. he is actually really the greatest, most motivated athlete in the world. I only wish I could be lining up at the blocks 18 times in 9 days in beijing like he does.

18 07 2008

mike. youre have a beautiful body. and im happy for you. good luck. ronnie

26 07 2008
David B. Reynolds

I am from B’more Mikey ! I just want you to know that you are truly LOVED !! At the risk of sounding like a stalker I have to say you are the apex, the zenith, my ideal !! I’ll love you forever !

28 07 2008

yum! I’m pulling for you in Beijing!!

2 08 2008


10 08 2008

Dear Michael, you are my friend’s idol. She loves you alot. Because of you she sets her ideals very high for a perfect man. Can you help by giving her some love advice!?

10 08 2008
Mark Hauser

While most sports commentators and fans have called Tiger Woods (and before this year, Roger Federer), it appears they have overlooked Michael Phelps. Certainly a good argument could be made that Phelps, and not Tiger or Federer, has been the most dominate athlete in the world over the last 5 years. Why punish him because he competes in a sport than only gets any real publicity every 4 years?

13 08 2008

Hey Michael! I’m 19 from ‘ol Ireland and I just wanted t’tell you that you’re really really hot and I think you’ll do great things. Come visit me in Cork sometime! -S. O’Flanagan

13 08 2008


13 08 2008

i love michael phelps he is amazing!!!
& i agree with him being the hot jock of the day 🙂

13 08 2008

hi honey,
when are you going to be home from the olympics 🙂 (btw: i’m joking: i’m not a psycho but i wouldn’t mind marrying you and I marvel at your dedication which will get you as far as you wish to dream. have fun)

13 08 2008

Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete…and he is 100% adorable, 110% hott. I would love to love to meet him…

13 08 2008

OMG Michael Phelps you are the most amazing person alive!!! You are so gorgeous and you seriously have the nicest bod. I am your biggest fan and you are set to my wallpaper for both my phone and laptop. I LOVE YOU!!!

13 08 2008

You are the hot jock of the century!

14 08 2008


14 08 2008

Hey Michael im 23years old my birthday is on june 23,1985 well goo luck!

15 08 2008

Hola michel espero ke estes bien deverdad muchas felicidades por tus medallas en bejin 2008 suerte y te mando muchos besos desde merida yucatan mexico bay kisses

15 08 2008

MP is the Hot Jock of the Day EVERY Day at my house! 🙂 He’s a pretty good swimmer too . . .

15 08 2008
Ivani Proaño

OMG. What can i say. You are the greatest athlete of all time. I’m 15 , and you are soooo good looking also, like seriously, i wanna marry you, lol. I really hope i get to meet you in person one day. I LOVE YOU ❤


15 08 2008

oooo michael i love you, you are amazing
I am from mexico city and i have 14 year old
and i love you because you are wooow!! incredible
you have 12 medals of gold an this is very good
and you are very handsome you likes me
you are a sexy boy and your mom is beautiful
well i love you michael phelps i am a good fan of you
i love you, i love you, i love you, i hope you’ll come here to mexico
and a lot of kisses for you

15 08 2008

Hi, Michael… Just want to say, you’re amazing… Well done for the world records in Bejing… I’ m from Serbia… lots of kisses… big fan of yours…

15 08 2008

hi michael, i am from brasil and i look your technical skills!

Good LUcky!

15 08 2008

omg michael u r such a hottie!! u made me watch the olympics 4 the 1st time in the 14 years of my life. Go America!!!!

16 08 2008

heeeiii cOngratulatiOons!

you’re really amazing


16 08 2008

PheLps,CoNgraTuLatioN Yaa…
You are amazing…
I’m your fans from Indonesia..

16 08 2008

i love michael phelps! congratulations! =)
you’re a beautiful champion!!
You’re amazing…!
Go Michael!
Kisses 🙂

16 08 2008

even sharks are worth the love of women

16 08 2008

hi michael what’s up?well my name is shanelle and i’m 16 years old.i am ahuge fan of yours.i love you alot.i wish we could meet someday and i will atleast get to ask you how in god’s name do you swim sooo damn amazing.you are the only person that really made me watch the olympics.If it was’nt for your hott body and adorable face i would’nt be watching one crap.i must comment you for winning 12 medals.it’s the first time i ever saw someone swim like lightning and win so much medals.well my best friend and i love your body and we would love to meet oneday if GOD spares life.well it was nice chatting but i’m afraid i have to go.oh and my best friend’s name is anesha and she’s in love with you too.bye:hugs and kisses from us here in trinidad.

16 08 2008

Hey Michael, I’m audrey and I’m on a swim team in CA. I just want to say that you are unbelievable! You inspire me to push myself at swim, and judging from the reactions from others, you are an iconoclastic figure of sports. Congratulations on your eight gold medal and good luck on the rest of your career.

17 08 2008

IMGOD! i like absolutely adore him!

17 08 2008

OMG!i usually don’t say OMG but this is a special occasion!
i love Michael Phelps! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mi name is maddie, im 13 and i live in north carolina and i loooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee michael phelps! hes so amazing!i was so friggin cool when he beat cavic with the half stroke!!!
[ps] Amy, u r so sick, like he would want to sleep with you! i bet ur just a cheep slut!

17 08 2008

just wanted to make sure the webmaster is ok. the pics haven’t changed for a few days. oh, and michael phelps is a god. (or an alien)

17 08 2008

will you marry me!?

17 08 2008
Mariana Pàez

Phelbs Michael is a champion worthy of all those who won medals at these powers, I wish you the very best to continue always so.
although I am from Mexico also what SUPPORT to the maximum
Michael cuidate.

17 08 2008

michael you are the most amazing athlete i have ever seen! swimming happens to be my favorite event to watch. I used to not really pay attention to the olympics so i didn’t see the Athens or Sydneys but ive had an interest this summer and last winter and your swimming really inspires me! Your abs also inspire me 😀

17 08 2008

he has a REALLY nice body!

17 08 2008

Michael…you are great….congratulations!!!!!!!!!..a kiss and hugs for you…..

19 08 2008

Nice choice. 🙂 You can’t help but love the guy’s passion and enthusiasm for his sport- not to mention his aw-shucks cute face and smokin’ bod!! From all accounts, he has had to overcome some tough obstacles in school and life, and he deserves all the glory now. Congrats to him!

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