SSWW: Tommy Rowlands and unknown wrestler.

20 05 2007

Illinois Wrestlers, originally uploaded by mich_chap.




8 responses

20 05 2007
John K.

It’s always good when the big boy is on top…

20 05 2007
Jock Lover

You sure as hell got here to comment quickly!

21 05 2007

OMG, those thighs….

21 05 2007
Jock Lover

Yeah he’s definitely a meaty one!

3 08 2007

I would rather be riding ontop of Tommy. He looks more like a cute bottom boy to me.

23 10 2007

this is y losing is so much fun

23 10 2007

Tommy Rowlands is so damn hot! I loved the earlier version of the singlets that were lighter in color that showed his chest, torso, and basket. This is a hot image, too! He is a big dude and he knows the doggy-style position. Hot man and thanks for posting this pic of him.

24 10 2007
Jock pup

We love ourselves some Tommy Rowlands, and you’re most welcome, we’ve loved “posting” pictures of him!

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